It begins!

The 2013 MotoGP season is officially underway with its first
Free-Practice session of the season, with Rossi leading the way!

quarterturnthrottle said:

Have submitted my team which I named Tumblr. That wasn't so bright I guess. Perhaps I can change my team name. Looking forward to playing!

Cheers mate.

MCN Fantasy League for Tumblr has been made! (2013 Edition!)

"So everyone who wants to compete in this league the pin for the private league is:

514  *9717*

To add yourself to this private league, go to your team page (worry not if you don’t have a team yet and don’t know what to do! I shall explain that after this!***) then underneath your fabulous team it says “Your private leagues”, click on “enter new league”. Once on the next page, go to where it says “Join an existing league” and type in the pin above ^^^

The league is simply called “Tumblr” (Because I’m so creative!) so just click to join and I’ll accept your request to be in the league.

*Note* Once you request to join the league just leave me a quick message on here to say what your team name is so I know who I’m accepting into our league, we don’t want any one who we don’t know! (Don’t worry I wont publicly post it, I’ll answer privately to tell you I’ve accepted you)

*** Basically the MCN Fantasy League is a game whereby you get given a fake £10 million to buy 6 motorbike riders (2 from MotoGP, 2 from World Superbikes and 2 from British Superbikes). Once you have chosen your team, throughout the seasons of the three motorbike races you earn points for your riders as they do. For example:

I pick Dani Pedrosa as one of my MotoGP riders (surprise surprise!)

Lets say he finishes the Qatar race in 3rd place, he gets 16 points, therefore I would get 16 points in the league! 

All the points add up from all 3 races.

May the best man/woman/motorbike fan win!

p.s. It doesn’t matter if you don’t watch WSB or BSB, the more potential the rider has the more expensive they’ll be, so you can judge from that who to buy! Plus it gives you the excuse to watch more bike racing! :)”


Ok so Dragongearcat did this last season and it was overall pretty damn fun to be in a league to compete with others, but unfortunately she’s away at the moment and with the racing season getting closer and closer I thought I may as well start it up myself.

The team is still simply called “Tumblr" and the new pin is - 9717

Hope you can all join in & good luck to you all!

Any questions simply ask either of these channels